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Medical research depends on volunteers to help develop new medicines. These medicines help people feel better and live longer.

One important way of respecting our patients is that we value your time and compensate you for each and every visit with a check or debit card.  We never expect you to participate in clinical trials and help medicine for free.  We only do paid clinical trials out of appreciation to you the patient!


Noble Clinical Research is seeking volunteers for FDA-approved clinical research studies testing medications and medical devices that are being developed to help people feel better and live longer.

Sign Up Today – Space Is Limited!

Are you suffering with a troubling health condition, do you want to be part of giving something back to society? If so, you may qualify to participate in one of our FDA approved clinical studies. You’ll receive compensation for time and travel while receiving the best medical care possible! It’s easy…it’s convenient…and it’s happening right now.


As a study participant, you play a very valuable role by helping us provide
safer and better medications for you, your kids and everyone else in the world!

Call (520) 612-7860 or Click here to ENROLL NOW

It only takes 5 minutes to see if you pre-qualify.  Our easy-to-read consent form explains the study and possible side effects. There is absolutely no pressure to join and you can withdraw at any time. Our caring doctors will be happy to answer all of your questions.

FREE Medical Consultation

If you pass the pre-qualification process, you will be invited to our clinic for a free physical exam, medical consultation and blood/urine tests. If you do not pass the screening visit, we will still compensate you for time and travel.

No Special Requirements

medical insurance is not required, and all testing is done without charge to volunteers

Compensation Provided

Participants are compensated for time and travel for enrolling in our studies, even if you fail the screening visit. Compensation ranges from as little as $250.00 to as much as $2500.00 if you complete the study.


What You Should Know

All research studies conducted at Noble Clinical Research are FDA-approved and are conducted by one of our licensed physicians. 

As a qualified participant, you will receive compensation for your time and other benefits such as the following:

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Noble Clinical Research is centrally located in the Tucson, Arizona. Close to the 10 Freeway and at the cross streets of La Cholla Blvd and West Orange Grove Road, Noble Clinical Research is an easy to access location for everyone.

Comments From Our Patients

  • Kinon C.
    Kinon C.
  • Geraldo R.
    Geraldo R.
  • Berender J.
    Berender J.
  • Doctor and staff are very caring and efficient. The doctor is caring and knowledgeable. The office visits were conducted in a timely manner. Top notch professionalism.
    Patricia C.
  • The staff was nice, kind and pleasant. The doctor was fantastic, very happy and upbeat. My knee pain was almost gone. Also the money was great and came in very handy.
    Yousef T.
  • Thanks for the experience! I participated in a knee study. The doctor was very good and asked a lot of questions.The medicine worked for a while then stopped but then started working again. I would recommend this service.
    Larry R.


Choose a study that fits your needs. There is no pressure to join and you can quit at any time.
professional staff and see if participation in a clinical research study might be right for you.