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Noble Clinical Research has earned accolades from many leading pharmaceutical companies for its track record of exceeding enrollment goals, ease of study start-up, and collection of high-quality data. The 2000+ square foot site is coupled with a robust family medicine practice and has five fully-equipped exam and procedure rooms, a CLIA-waived lab, comfortable quarters for visiting CRAs, and highly secure monitored IP storage at ambient temperature or refrigerated. Site staff are IATA certified and have extensive phlebotomy experience including PK sampling and incubation, as well as specimen handling via refrigerated centrifuge, -20º and -70º freezers. Our site offers on-site PBMC processing to support sponsors in collecting this important data.

Serious Research Experience

Serious Recruitment

Proven ability to out-perform central advertising campaigns 10,000+ subject database and dedicated referral practices 24/7/365 intake abilities for large volume trials Email/text marketing campaigns for routine subject outreach using our database Proven track record to deliver subjects using social media and online digital campaigns Community outreach service providing complementary BP, Cholesterol, Glucose, and A1c testing

Serious Subject Retention

Stipend payment system via debit cards Complementary Wi-Fi service with access to iPads SMS text message appointment reminders and confirmations

Serious Equipment

CLIA-waved lab Five exam rooms 24-hour security and video surveillance Dedicated monitoring room with access to Wi-Fi internet and copy/fax services Temperature controlled IP storage room with DEA class II IP storage Annual calibration of all equipment

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